4 Cool Tools That Can Increase Your Productivity

Find Me Coffee app

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As our busy lives get busier, we are continually on the look-out for the “work-around,” or anything that can make our already packed schedules and lives flow smoother. Oftentimes, these work-arounds, short-cuts and time-savers come in the form of apps for mobile devices. Here are 4that can potentially increase your productivity in the coming months:

Hootsuite: By now, many of you may have already heard of (or are even using) Hootsuite as a streamlined way to monitor and schedule social media feeds in one tidy place. But did you know Hootsuite is also a great place to respond to retweets, mentions and even monitor your favorite hashtag? Other not-so-known- uses for Hootsuite include using this tool to follow Twitter parties, post to specific LinkedIn Groups and even post to their Google+ accounts. A basic account from Hootsuite allows users to monitor and schedule up to three social media channels while the Pro version allows for up to 100.



Clear: Clear is a great app for those who live and breathe via checklists. This app offers users robust to-do and reminders that ensures they stay focused and on what matters. This app is swipe-friendly, intuitive and designed with a simple set of interactive checklists and reminders. Shades and colors of tiles are based on task priority, the darker the coloring the more urgent the task. Available at the App Store for $4.99 for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch, or at the Mac App Store for $9.99.

clear app

FindMeCoffee: Sometimes, energy equals productivity and all we want to be able move forward in our day is a ginormous and steaming cup of coffee. This fun and free app directs those longing for some revitalizing caffeine to local coffee shops or chains like Starbucks or Caribou Coffee. Available for Windows 8, iOS, Android, Amazon Kindle, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10.

Find Me Coffee app


Trello: The Supply Chicks LUV Trello! It makes total sense for us because…well…there are three of us! so we don’t overlap tasks and don’t step on each other’s fab ShoeDazzle pumps, we use this free tool.  So if you are a business professional, blogger, freelance writer or simply someone who wants better control of their life, you really should consider Trello.
The sweet thing about Trello is not only does it get the job done…it is FREE. If you want to save time and shorten the learning curve, this ebook and guide, Eliminate Overwhelm and Stay Organized with Trello , can help speed things up and get your biz on the way to planning and organizing your time smoothly. And we all know an organized business is also a more profitable one.

Eliminate Overwhlem and Stay organized with Trello
FYI-Trello Nurtures our “List Making” Desires: Trello is made up of “Boards” and each of your Boards can represent a client, event, or project. Within your Boards you have Cards and these Cards are where you list tasks or projects. These Cards also have useful options like Checklists, Notes, Attach Files and Due Dates. You can also assign these Cards( tasks) to certain members of your team and watch the progression from To Do, to Doing, to Done in real time.

The bottom line is; Trello keep you on task, eliminates unhappy customers, and also helps avoid confusion. All of which results in happy clients and more $$ in your pocket. Use Trello for free and grab the Eliminate Overwhelm and Stay Organized with Trello UNDER A BUCK (.99) and leave the “who’s doing what and is it done yet” confusion behind. Click here and get your biz on the road to being the organized and productive entity it needs to be!

BONUS-This is another tool that can save a CRAZY amount of headache and heartache once a year.

If you are already dreading the tediousness and hassle of year-end reporting, take a look at the most relevant and impressive reporting tool that the Supply Chicks have come across in quite some time!

eFiling PLus


eFiling Plus is a complete W2 and 1099 reporting system that costs employers only FROM $1.25 TO $3.95 PER FORM. Filing tax forms has never been easier. Their IRS Approved Services Print, Mail and E-File Your W-2 & 1099 Forms for you. Read our in-depth article on eFiling Plus HERE and also discover a very special coupon code that will score you 10 FREE FILING!

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