Complete W2 and 1099 Reporting for Under 4 Bucks per Form! E-Filing PLus

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If you are one of the many employers who thinks about end-of-the-year 1099-Misc filing and cringes, you are not alone. If you are already dreading the tediousness and hassle of year-end reporting, take a look at the most relevant and impressive reporting tool that the Supply Chicks have come across in quite some time! eFiling PLus


eFiling Plus is a complete W2 and 1099 reporting system that costs employers only FROM $1.25 TO $3.95 PER FORM. Filing tax forms has never been easier. Their IRS Approved Services Print, Mail and E-File Your W-2 & 1099 Forms for you. So how does it work? Easey Peasey:

  • Sign up
  • Enter Your Data
  • Add to Cart and Check Out
  • Electronic Filing
  • Form Delivery
  • Your Done! Efiling PLus does everything else!  They e-file your tax forms with the IRS/SSA and print and mail recipient copies.  All your information is saved securely and available to access at any time.

If your business is a fan of same time and money, then take a gander at this eye-opening cost break down.



The developers of eFiling Plus have been an industry leader in the paper tax forms business for over 18 years. eFiling Plus was established upon recognizing the continuous need for easier, more efficient and cost-effective methods to issue year-end W2 and 1099 forms. Throughout the course of issuing paper tax forms our developers noted first-hand the mindset of many frustrated businesses at tax time, including the pressures of cost, time constraints, and overall minutia while at the same time seeing a movement in technology from paper to electronic in nearly all realms of business. Thus, the creation of eFiling Plus, an online service specializing in simple, streamlined W2 and 1099 reporting. Today, the IRS requires mandatory electronic filing in many states, and the easy-to-use software from eFiling Plus will help any business take the hassle out of tax time. Businesses will narrow their work load and simplify their processes with eFiling Plus by entering their employee and contractor data on the secure server, and eFiling Plus completes the rest, including submissions with the IRS and SSA, printing and mailing the appropriate recipient forms and securely storing data for future filing or past year corrections. Take the stress out of tax time and allow eFiling Plus to do the work for you!

If you would like a visual demo, check out this YouTube video from the OfficeMall channel that helps explain even more. This online tutorial that walks you through the steps of connecting your E-Filing Plus and Quickbooks Online Plus accounts which allows easy import of your 1099-MISC tax forms. You will save time and effort using the easy import of Quickbooks Online connection vs. manually entering data.

So dread filing NO MORE. And we have something to sweeten the deal even more.

Use the time-sensitive coupon code BIZSAVVY16 to score 10 free filings with eFiling Plus.

P.S This site and service is completely secure and approved by the IRS.

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It\'s only fair to share...please spread the word!Share on FacebookShare on Google+Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on StumbleUponPin on Pinterest