Happy Bums-The Importance of Quality Ergonomic Office Chairs

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It’s been speculated that the average office chair travels an estimated eight miles a year. This “travel” includes thousands of sharp movements or shorter trips like the ones we make when we scoot across the floor to a file cabinet, printer or storage cabinet. But the in our office chairs also includes many hours of stationary sitting. This prolonged sitting can wreak havoc on our bodies and according to some studies, even supposedly shorten our life span.

That may be true, but for the time being, I’d just rather have a happy bum. I can say from personal experience that my productivity goes WAY up when I am not being reminded of my aches and pains in my “lower quadrant.”

Which leads me to a unique observation; if engineers can make seats of vehicles heat up, why can’t they do that with office chairs? Can you imagine how amazing that would feel on your back and hiney?! Especially during the winter season or those *special* times of the month. 😉

All joking and weird speculations aside; there are several things office workers and business owners can do to counteract the constant sitting and lessen the toll it can take on their bodies. The no-brainer one is to push away from your work, get up and move around, and make it a point to take five minute breaks every hour. I suggest trying to squeeze in a  30-minute brisk walk as well (it does wonders for stress).  But another effective way to treat ourselves right during the long hours of sitting is to invest in a quality ergonomic office chair.

Here are five things your office chair needs to best support your body and your work habits:

Adjustable seat height: No one likes to feel like they are typing with their chin resting on their desktop and we humans do not come in only one height. Many quality office chairs include a pneumatic cylinder that allows the user to easily raise and lower their chair to a comfortable and functional height. You want to be able to adjust your seat so that your thighs are parallel to the floor and your feet are flat on the floor. Another adjustment to be mindful of is having arms at the height of the desk.

A comfortable seat: Having a well-padded and comfortable seat cushion on your office chair may seem like a no-brainer, but there is more than comfort at stake here. A hard seat cushion is not only uncomfortable; it can put unnecessary and damaging pressure on the thigh, glute and lower back areas.

Arm rests: Arms rests may seem like just a convenient place to lean on, but there is a method-to-the- madness when installing arms on your office chair. Arm rests on your chair provide a place to rest your elbows and forearms when you aren’t actively typing. These arms rests should be low enough that your shoulders stay relaxed and your elbow bends at around a 90 degree angle.

Quality Wheels: This may seem like a silly detail, but not only should your office chair be on wheels, it should have casters that are specific to the type if flooring beneath your chair. The ability to swivel and/or roll around is important when we think about those miles a year our chair will be traveling. Quality casters will allow a chair to roll freely with minimal friction or drag. Purchasing casters that are specifically designed for hard floors or carpet will not only increase the longevity of the wheel, but make the act of “rolling around” less tiresome for the user.

Based on the sheer number of hours the average office worker spends sitting, and the “eight miles” that chair is destined to travel, we might just as well enjoy the ride with a quality office chair.

In all of my years of being in the office products industry, Hon has always offered up some amazingly comfortable and functional chairs. This particular one is a double winner; comfortable AND affordable!

Hon Basyx Office Chair

This one is pretty sweet too.

Hon Basyx

Both are built to deliver top performance, this high-back chair features a breathable mesh back that conforms to the upper body for added comfort. Contemporary seat cushion features multi-density layered foam for comfort and support. Chair can be calibrated to fit the body and support intensive computer work. Lumbar adjustments adapt to support the lower back. Adjustable-height arms allow you to rest your forearms while typing. Other functions include pneumatic seat-height adjustment, 360-degree swivel, tilt tension and tilt lock. Five-star nylon base is equipped with dual-wheel casters for easy chair movement. Weight capacity is 250 lb.

Eyeball more awesome ergonomic office chairs HERE.

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