Stand Out from the Pack (Let your Quirky Flag Fly!)

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In this loud, crowded and chaotic world we live in, it feels like we are constantly working to stick our hands way up above the crowd to be seen. To be heard.

It’s easier-said-than-done most days/

In order to really stand out you need to be prepared to take actions that others aren’t ready to take. This might include doing something extraordinary, dressing in an extreme way, being adventurous or by performing some other task that not many people do anymore.

With the increase in technology simply reading a printed book can easily make you stand out. Most people today are using some type of e-reader to read their books on. So carrying a paperback with you may just get you some second looks.

Doing something exciting is another sure-fire way to make you stand out. You could commit to doing an extreme workout routine or training for a martial arts competition. Or announcing to everyone that you are going to train to run a marathon.

Whatever you decide to do to stand out, it is important for you to follow through. This way you will be seen as a man or person of their word. You don’t want to become that person that is always saying they are going to start a new diet or exercise program but never actually does it.

New Year’s is the perfect time to take action on your desire to stand out. When you commit to something publicly it helps to motivate you into following through and taking action.

You may want to tell your friends about your new course of action, or announce it on your Facebook wall to your family and friends. Just writing or saying those words of commitment will help you start your journey.

Then you will need to post daily or weekly updates on your social pages. This serves several purposes. It shows your family and friends that you are indeed doing what you said you would. Plus it pushes you to stay motivated. When you know people are waiting to hear about your progress you want to give them proof of it.

Of course there are lots of other ways to stand out and these are associated with your appearance. One easy way to stand out is to dress in clothes that no-one is accustomed to seeing you in. Change your style, including your hair style.

In order for this to be successful you will need to be very confident in yourself. You will want to stand tall and be proud. You are telling the world to look at the new me! Is this something you would be comfortable in doing?
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Sheryl Lynn

Supply Chick, Sheryl Lynn: Sheryl Lynn is also a 30+ year veteran of the office products industry who loves being outside, a rousing game of pool and seeking out super sales and office products rebates for her client’s most commonly used items. Connect with Sheryl Lynn and the Supply Chicks on Twitter.

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